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The Almost

The Almost sound kind of like the Foo Fighters. They are a Christian rock band, but their music isn't really religious, it just talks about life.

Check out The Almost:
The Almost - Southern WeatherThe Almost on Amazon
Barlow Girl

Barlow Girl is a fun, southern girl band. You'll love their unique sound and uplifting tunes.

Check out Barlow Girl:
BarlowGirl on iTunesBarlow Girl on Amazon
Ian Eskelin

Ian Eskelin is well known in the Christian underground. The unique title of his latest CD, "Save the Humans" shows his unique take on important topics.

Hear Ian Eskelin:
Ian Eskelin on iTunesIan Eskelin on Amazon
J. Kirk Richards

J. Kirk Richards is a versatile artist who believes that rock music can be uplifting music. He's also well-known for his painting, which you can see at his site.

Give J. Kirk a listen:
J. Kirk Richards on iTunes J. Kirk Richards on Amazon
Hudson River School

Hudson River School. We like them.

Check out Hudson River School :
Hudson River School on iTunes

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