Superchick mixes hard rock with hip-hop beats to create an energetic pop sound that almost anyone will love. Their positive lyrics live up to the strength of the music and their songs discuss issues relevant to modern young people.

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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie has been impressing audiences since she was 17. Her unique blend of pop/folk/rock makes her music a pleasure to listen to. She is one of the top LDS artists we have heard!

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Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney is a popular artist that you've probably heard before. But you may not know that he started out as a Christian artist, and he maintains his Christian morals. We love that his music is fun and clean, without compromising quality.

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Maren Ord

Maren Ord is one of the best LDS up-and-coming pop artists. Her music sounds like a blend of Jewel and Michelle Branch - we love her vocals and interesting songs.

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Stacie Orrico

You've probably heard Stacie on the radio...what you didn't hear is that she's a great Christian girl, with clean, uplifting music. You'll love her unique style and fabulous vocals!

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These songs give a new name to the word "cheesy"...but they'll also have you laughing so hard your seams split. What the hay, heckuva fudge-licker.

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Also check out Everclean at their website to hear the music.

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